Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
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Dean E. Fletcher

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
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Dean Fletcher has worked extensively in SRS streams over the past 20 years. Much work has focused on the life histories of southeastern fishes with emphasis on the reproductive biology of sunfish and minnow species. However, he has conducted a diverse array of projects including characterization of fish movements in contaminated streams, quantification of reservoir escapement, stream habitat and fish community assessments, use of animals as bioindicators of metal and metalloid contamination, and co-authoring a regional fish book. His program is focused on establishing a baseline of disturbance for SRS streams, with a long term goal of establishing a headwater stream mitigation bank. This is an ever-expanding collaborative effort initiated by the USDA Forest Service, University of Kentucky, and SREL. Of particular interest is assessment of long-term effects of 19th and early to mid 20th century land use on headwater streams.